The Sound of Our Town

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Available from 9 August 2023 to 10 August 2023

Join us for two fantastic workshops in Redcar, exploring as a supported group the sound of who we are, where we are. And we'll produce a final sound piece that we can share at a Tees Valley Festival this summer!

Participants will be supported to explore who they are and where they are, using sound in any style, including recorded and spoken word. The group will choose their own creative direction and create what appeals most to them.

2 x 3-hour workshops in Redcar To be held at: TunedIn! Majuba Rd, Redcar TS10 5BJ Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th August 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Electronic music pioneers A Man Called Adam’s Dr Sally Rodgers and Dr Steve Jones will lead 2 workshops that explore the Sound of Our Town.

In Workshop 1, Sally and Steve will introduce participants to the art of deep listening and how to repurpose non-musical sound in their compositions. Using portable recorders, the group will head out to capture everyday sounds, from bingo callers to birdlife, from weather fronts to checkout chats - to create a rich and distinctive sound portrait of the town.

In Workshop 2, Sally and Steve will create beats from the gathered sounds and the group with discuss how Hip-Hop artists use their own, idiosyncratic experiences to craft their lyrics and sonic worlds. Working in pairs, participants will explore their own experiences in a dynamic lyric writing session and record their rhymes to the beats.

There will be opportunities to continue attending creative workshops across the Tees Valley, to learn more about Music and Sound further education and degree courses, and to take the Finished Piece that participants produce to Between the Tides Festival in Redcar on 26th and 27th August 2023.

A Man Called Adam’s Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones have been making pioneering electronic music since the late 80s. Exploring diverse musical influences but always sounding recognisably themselves, they defy categorisation and have produced defining tracks in genres such as Acid Jazz, Balearic House, Ibiza Chill Out and Nu British House. Respected by peers and fans alike, they are endlessly curious and never stand still. Check out A Man Called Adam on Spotify here

All workshops are free to attend. Travel expenses from within Tees Valley will be reimbursed on presentation of a receipt or ticket. No knowledge or experience of recording or writing music is neccessary.